About The Festival

The event is free and is open to the public---and will include the Parade of Nations at 4 pm.

Residents of Troy Ohio, Miami County and beyond will be able to experience and celebrate 15-20 nationsand cultures from around the world through interactive booths/displays, food, dance, music, story-telling and arts and crafts. For kids, there are games, face-painting and other activities. All ages will enjoy learning about various countries which are represented by local residents who want to share their heritage. Colorful tents and booths will create a festive look for the Festival area. Also, there will be multi-cultural entertainment presented on the open-air stage during the entire festival featuring dances,musicians, story-tellers and others.

Food from many different countries is always a highlight of the event each year. Individual delegations prepare authentic, traditional food items representative of their countries. Also, there is a food court where local restaurants share favorite ethnic food dishes.

How to Attend Location, Prices, etc...


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